###True Love will prevail!!!!?

##### I refuse to fail cause True Love will always prevail!!

Encrypt on stones the crimes our Generation has done towards True Love,

Write So the next generation can rise above it,

Let’s refuse to fail, Cause True love will always prevail,

This day joy is found in being heartless,

Caring less is the newest vibe, Pride is found in seeing others Hurt,

Achievements are when the people wail ,

Dragons of today and every other day deeply rooted in our blood trails,

How long will we glide & surf on the ages of this rail ,

Rare are beautiful souls who prick their own soul to put a smile on others,

Souls that watch others happiness engrail,

Even with storms in their backyard they hold on firmly to the frail,

Happiness to them is seeing others happy even when it’s costs them to drain their own pail,

Taking one as As Full package with Everything Good & their Flaws,

Understanding them enough to help them grow and Fix their their faults,

Being consistently there on their grey days & storms,

No one is perfect! words loosely said hardly practiced,

From friendship to relationships genuinity is fading away,

Is it even sanity, Such a sad reality , Of prevailing reality,

True love will still be engraved in the hearts of the few who value it,

Am not promising you a smooth ride with no hurdles,

How hard are you willing to fight for your loved one’s,

Or Are you just going to give up when things get rough,

Understanding has become so Tough,

Patience is so important but most are loosing it,

It costs nothing to just be a little calm &composed,

How Will they Drop their guards down when you can’t accept their Raw self,

©F.J writings

Farhia Jama

Blessed day Full of Love

Feelings typing ,Keep on waiting!!!!!!!

When you Look into her eye’s it’s over ,

It feels like sliding on glacier all over,

Loosing all control with her arms to hand over,

It’s feels like burning charcoal flame that melts the ice away,

While firmly she still Holding on to it anyway,

Like a free ballerina dancing it all the way,

Her hands so high , her chest so free with her legs skipping,

In the air she is got it all flipping,

Cause she believes in her ability of clipping,

That’s how it feels when she is around you with all energy gripping,

The butterflies in her tummy still feels crippling,

Looking down her eyes could close with her face so composed,

Shying away with everything to hide, But Deep down she has sweet mountains inside,

Ever loved the star & the moon so fondly,

To have nothing to be fearful of in the Night,

Souls connecting with noone commenting,

Trying so hard to hide the feelings, Forgetting that the heart & eyes are speaking,

In silence alot is missing but messages are crossing,

Everything suppressed because of fear that all Will be undressed,

What if the wall comes down crashing,

Thoughts keep on smashing, But with nothing expressing,

Everything adjusting, Keep on waiting ,

All stays in the Dream of what will be when it is to be,

Awkward it gets but Roses blossom in the Gardener who keeps on toiling & hoping

©F.J writing’s

Twisted shape

Twisted Shape

We have so Many twisted souls, twisted characters, thoughts, behaviorism and a lot more,

By This I mean people who aren’t what they were supposed to be but are as result of situations they went through in the past,

Dear soul just because you went through hell doesn’t mean you have to live in it or fight it everyday ,

Retaliate or pounce on every flesh you meet to make them pay for sins of the past people,

Souls who have lived with unhealed injustices of their past,

Broken hearts finding something close to what they had before,

Everything they came across had to be Rained on to Release all their past frustrations,

A child grew up in a broken Family and went out to Avenge for it in the world they met,

A child wasn’t raised with Affection and he went out desperately searching for it in all he met,

A Teen went to Love a wrong person who mistreated them and that reflected on every other soul they ever met or will meet.

That past became a base for how the future will be treated however Innocent they are

They are People who want their lives to go back to what it used to be before disaster happened,

Struggling to find their souls in a jungled up world,

People whose character have become Wild and untamed because someone messed them up or hurt them,

So many great souls are going to waste while we watch them do,

Young soul whatever your past is should not define the River flow of the future events,

You character and soul should not bend to suit your past,

Embrace the past accept it but never let it define the shape of your future,

Your character as Human being should not be compromised,

You are a product of the broken pieces, spilled Ashes but you can remould yourself ,

Never let it twist your shape ,soul and character,

Don’t let your soul , character rot away.

Blessings in Disguise

Look at things from another view,

Maybe your Firing,was going to get you better hiring,

Maybe you loosing,was your way of gaining,

Maybe you Falling ,was your way of climbing,

Maybe you burning in that Flame was your you only way of learning,

Maybe you being rejected was for you being better accepted,

Maybe when You Were in Despair,Your not seeing the Rays of Light coming .

Sometimes they are just blessings in Disguise,Look beyond the tragedy and see what is in it for you.

F.J writings

Blessed day.

What Ego costs!!!

Tripple “F” Ego ..A Name I gave to the egoistic nature that leads to destruction

I wrote this what many people need to hear just that they don’t get people who put it to them in Black&White.

Let me Save you some life time experiences.
This Huge Ego that people won’t let go,For petty reasons I don’t get,

Cut me some slack ,
The last time I knew All Humans have Ego ,
Just that they have it on different levels,
If the Ego is just to get you some confidence or respect In a good way Let me spare you,
Let me Rain on that Ego that hinders you from alot of things ,The one that leads to self destruction ,

One that prevents you from even communicating important things,

I say this over and over again,
I don’t mind doing it a thousand times over,
“Communicating what needs to be how it’s is supposed to be is essential for all Humans.
Drop your ego when it needs to be dropped,
That cool Ego you have doesn’t feed anything leave alone the birds ,

It only feeds your own soul,

Ego makes you feel like your on some cloud but gets you detached from the humble earth.

Ask me why!
A Dad somewhere won’t tell his Kids he loves them because of ego ,

A Husband or wife won’t want to look soo concerned or show they texted first because of Ego,

A Loved one won’t get the Real message that they are loved and cared for in a good way because someone got some huge ego ,

I understand you don’t want to look weak or desperate because of Ego,
But let me tell you ,what not Dropping that Ego caused,

It caused someone a lifetime loss somewhere,
It caused unnecessary fights,

It caused a son feeling unloved that he went out to get attention from strangers,

It caused other people being pinned for mistake of others cause someone didn’t want to admit to their mistakes,

It caused a wife not seeing her husband’s sweetness until she was in hospital suffering from some killer disease ,Now he Regrets,

It caused others neglecting their own feelings till it was too late and they lost the precious people,

It got people on knees, Regretting
While others crying,
Why wouldn’t You Just know when and where to draw the line and drop the Ego, it won’t cost much ,

it won’t make you weak as you think.

Your just Human,Be That Human it’s not a crime anyway.

Regrets are the worst feeling there can ever be..let petty things like this not cost you a lifetime loss.



Whatever Will be Will be!!!!

Whatever will be will be wait on me
Wait On Me, 
Lean on me ,
Please  just take this from me, 
You don’t force a flower to grow & blossom anywhere
Until it feels it wants to 
cause if the conditions are  fully set the <warmth ,Water ,soil> it will grow in its due time 
If something is yours you don’t force it to be, 
Neither do you rush it, But You allow it to be,
When it’s comfortable with it
Just as the vine dresser nurtures the vine and waits patiently for the right moment to harvest the grapes
Wait on me, Don’t Try Run Ahead of Me,
Or fly before me, 
Your strength will fail you ,
Your energy will drain you,
You will wither before bearing any fruit from me,
Allow things to happen naturally because anything Meant for you  will definitely be, 
Do not despair, neither waste your energy stressing on it
Give it time and all the space to be,
Save Yourself and let yourself as well be ,
Whatever will be Will be
@F.J writings .

Make up industry> Low Self Esteem

What if all Make up industry failed ,Will you Feel naked going out without anything on,

Would you feel great about yourself,

Would you still love Your face and looks how they are,

Without self-doubting your beautiful that way,

Would you still doubt that they will see you how your created,
Do you think they won’t love you that way,

Do you doubt that your still pretty with Acne on your face ,

Your Eye’s still glow without they eyeliner and the eye pencil ,

Make up was just to enhance the beauty that you already got ,

And if for a second you doubt that beauty then the make up industry made a great stride to make you insecure ,

To make you not get out of the house a single day without make up,

They got to the deepest nerves to make you feel low  about your looks,

To compare yourself to others , If you don’t have Make up Your still naturally Beautiful,

Makeup doesn’t make you of a lesser beauty than you used to be ,

It doesn’t need to make you not walk out from your house ,having pimples Acne is hormonal and doesn’t Need to make you inferior.

Love yourself without make up ,Walk cause your the prettiest lady you ever thought of,

Glow in your own skin ,
Love the drip of water &sweat on your face, Without anything to worry about,

Girls were still beautiful when they walked to the river long time ago without any make up existing , What different does it make today walking out there without make up,

Dress your Natural course and be proud of it ,We love you anyway .

Broken Glass Lovers

Let me take you through a painful love journey,

Many of you are used to or have a picture of Love to become so sweet all great,

A bed of Rose’s ,A Walk In The Rivers of Paradise,

I want to show you of Love Which is like a broken glass . You pick it and hold it already cuts you ,It already hurts you, it entrenches deep burns of fire  in you,causes your heart  to bleed profusely,

The parties show they love each other by inflicting pain on their loved One’s,

I know you are asking yourself if they love you why would they hurt you in the first place?  That’s not love many would say but until you know and feel that love you will never understand it,

No!! My little Angel they love you but their way of expressing their love for you is by taking you through a series of a dip into hell & back,

When you survive or when you don’t they are waiting to pick you up and clean your face ,Nurse your injuries and still be there for you.Sit by your side a peck your forehead,bring you glass of water and immediately say Am Sorry, This cycle will continue

Then you wonder isn’t this the same person who put me through all this? What’s wrong with them?Your head would be filled with  so much Rhetoric questions,

Well that’s a brief introduction to what I mean by broken Glass Lovers,

A person loves someone soo much but when they began their love story it started with hurdles and fights,

Day in Day out there was nothing sweet about their union,

It would be exchange of words,staying away from each other no talks at all but they loved each other,

It was unique  that they would still be worried for each other take care of each other in Small ways but wouldn’t want to face their issues,

Even if they did they  would be back to same place again,

Well you think it doesn’t exist..wake up their Lovers like this who even last longer than all the other sweet love dovey partner’s,

You would wonder how a bleeding heart ,with blood trickling,   Eyes weeping would still love dearly.

Are they human……walk out  of that union many would have whispered  but they still ain’t tripping cause the person holding the Gun is the person they Love & Care about,

The say ,They would die for them that’s why they are still sticking around,

Swahili’s  say (Wapiganao ndio wapendanao).(Those who fight are the One’s that love each other),

Am not saying if there are no fights in your union expect some or you don’t love each other ,

All Am saying is that broken glass Lovers can be the best of Lovers because they will never give up on you,

They know how to handle you when your in the darkness ,in your worst attire of character,

They not only love you when your sweet but when your difficult and hard to work with ,Because they know they are difficult to handle too,

Their love is deeper than the scars  they are inflicting & they are willing to go down with you,

While You don’t understand their way of loving you. They have most raw and genuine kind of Love,

All Roses have Thorns too ,

All Lovers have flaws too,

Not all pain inflicted is bad for you too,

Maybe an inverse of love too,

Understand where they are coming from , there is a story  you don’t know too,

Walk with them through the journey and fit in their shoes too,

They Maybe searching for their broken counterparts to help them fix their broken self’s.

It takes someone brave ,strong, patient & gentle spirit to understand , accept this kind of Love or learn  how to  Love such people,

They will hurt you even if they don’t mean to ,

You will stick around but they are too afraid that you are too close to them and you still love them the way they are,

They become guilty conscience and sometimes push you away,Their words & actions is what will be their weapons  so you can go away ,Yet they mean please just stay,

They sting like splinters get under your skin but if you are brave enough you will know how to deal with broken glasses 

Different kind of love #Broken Glass lovers